The New Milk: from Cows infused with genetically modified SDA-rich Soybean Oil

Last week I watched King Corn, a documentary about the corn industry. The worst part of it was watching the gut of the cow process corn – something that is not only unnatural for cows but dangerous. They have to give them antibiotics so they can feed them corn and then slaughter them at the right time or the cows will die from being force fed corn to make them fat.

Equally disturbing to me was an abstract I just read from the Journal of Dairy Science. In this particular study, they infused the guts of the cows with SDA soybean oil. SDA soybean oil is a product of biotechnology. Monsanto Company took soybeans and made them rich in stearidonic acid through genetic modification (SDA is an omega 3 fat; yet not all omega 3s are created equally; SDA must be broken down by an enzyme in our body to two of the most heart health omega 3 fats – EPA and DHA and the conversion rate is not very high).

Though this study worked- i.e. the milk produced from these cows was 5x higher in omega 3s than normal cow milk, they really had to put those cows through a lot (abomasal infusion) for more human consumption of omega 3 fatty acids.

I’m in favor of functional foods and write about them often. However, I’m not a fan of force feeding an animal foods that are bad for their health or infusing genetically modified oils into their gut for the sake of omega-3 enriched milk. Pop an omega-3 capsule, eat fatty fish or consume a functional food created a little more naturally – through omega 3 fortification.

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