Fight Wrinkles with White Tea

Drink a cup of tea and you may do more for your body than just lower some of your risk factors for cardiovascular disease. A recently published study shows that white tea may also help fight the number one sign of aging and sun damage – wrinkles.

A recently published study out of London found that very small amounts of white tea decreased inflammation and prevented the action of enzymes that break down elastin and collagen. Green tea had a less pronounced effect but also prevented the activity of these enzymes.
Both elastin and collagen are proteins found in skin tissue. Elastin provides elasticity to skin so we can squint and smile and the lines don’t stay there when our face returns to a less expressive look. Collagen is responsible for skin’s strength and elasticity. Aging and exposure to UV rays (tanning beds, the sun) break down both elastin and collagen resulting in fine lines and wrinkles on our face (and cellulite on our butts).
Could drinking white tea put botox off the market? Probably not, but it is certainly worth a shot, especially for former sun worshipers. Drinking cups of tea everyday could be one of the secrets to the long healthy lives and smooth, young skin of the residents of Yuzuri Hara, Japan – a place where the Fountain of Youth really exists.
You can find the study abstract here.
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