Making Smart Food Choices

Do you ever have problems picking out food? You read the food label, glance through the ingredients list and take a look at the package but still feel stumped from time to time. Should you pay a premium for “natural”? (answer: no, it has no formal meaning). What about organic? Fully hydrogenated oils? HFCS?

When it comes to avoiding certain ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils, the easiest thing to do is shop at Whole Foods (if you just don’t want to think about it). And, coming soon, you can also look for the Smart Choices label, created to help you sort through the supermarket maze. A whooping 500 products have already qualified for the Smart Choices label.

No healthy labeling system will meet the strictest of standards and please everyone but, we are talking about the masses here – people who can improve their health and lose weight just by making some simple switches.

If you’d like to learn more about the Smart Choices program, check out:

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